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“Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss. - Fitzgerald

Camp Aslan A Project of Aslan in the USA

Summer Camps Are The Best!

Throughout our country, millions of children's lives are dramatically impacted by summer camp experiences. But children from poorer neighborhoods often never have the opportunity to go to summer camp. It's a fact that children from middle-class and wealthier families have endless opportunities for learning over the summer months. Because of this, they always begin the new school year ahead of where they ended a few months before. That is not true for urban children at risk. Nearly all children from poorer families begin the new school year behind of where they ended a few months before! That's why your support for Camp Aslan is so important. During the summer months, each of our children is introduced to endless learning opportunities through Camp Aslan – soccer camps, learning chess, learning the basics of French or Chinese, science experiments, healthy eating through juicing fruits & vegetables, trips to museums, wall-climbing, in-line skating, trips to parks, and on-and-on.

How can you help?

Selecting the green Donate button at the right side of this page will designate your gift for Camp Aslan.

Sponsor a child for Camp Aslan! For a gift of $300.00 you can make it possible for a child to have a Summer of Fun that will include all the things mentioned above plus a week at Camp Lebanon – a wonderful sleep away camp in western New Jersey.