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Sponsor a Child in Haiti A Project of Aslan in Haiti

Sponsoring A Child In Haiti

For only $600 a year, you can change the course of a Haitian child and his family! Although the amount ($50/month) is the same as sponsoring one of our children in New Jersey, your $600 per year goes so much farther in Haiti. Your gift helps your child 1) go to school; 2) pay for school books, uniform and shoes; 3) empowers the child to come to Aslan classes weekly; and, 4) helps with medical expenses for the child. When you adopt a child in Haiti, you are truly adopting a child! And just as with our stateside sponsorships, you can rest assured that you are supporting more than the "name" of a child. We know every one of our children in Haiti. They're Aslan's kids – not a number!

How can you help?

Selecting the green Donate button at the right side of this page will designate your gift to Sponsor a Child in Haiti.

There is an ocean of needs in Haiti! Who can say? Perhaps the Aslan child you choose to sponsor will one day grow up to be a Godly president of Haiti. What an opportunity you have to help change a whole nation from the ground up!

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