Healing The Sick

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” - Jesus

Clinic of Hope A Project of Aslan in Haiti

The Simplest Things Can Kill

In Haiti it is easy for someone to die from the simplest thing – a tiny infection that becomes deadly over time; polluted water that carries deadly organisms; a fever that could easily be controlled by antibiotics. There are more serious diseases like malaria and dengue fever that are rarely fatal if medications are available. But even clinics with antibiotics routinely turn people away, because the sick are too poor to pay for medicines or hospital stays. Now Haiti must worry about the zika virus that can cause birth defects and malformations in pregnant mothers!

After the devastating earthquake of 2010 in Haiti, Aslan took action. We contracted with Hospitals of Hope to build a clinic out of conex boxes (containers) and shipped them to Haiti. We now have a modern clinic on our property in L'Acajou, with a full X-ray department, examination rooms, lab, and pharmacy! Next steps are to build a sterile operating room, two small hospital units and a storage unit for medicines.

How can you help?

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